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Jen Viano

Hi, I'm Jen Viano, a nonprofit writer and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience leading, growing and raising millions of dollars for nonprofits.

On this site, you'll find helpful information and resources along with practical, proven, real-world strategies, tips + tools you can use to attract and cultivate loyal, lifetime donors who love your nonprofit.

What exactly do those donors look like?

They’re donors who never feel like they’re only called upon to give money.

They’re donors who feel they receive far more value and help from the nonprofit they support than what they contribute to it.

They're donors who consistently feel appreciated and loved by the nonprofit they've chosen to invest their money in.

They’re donors who’ve been so powerfully and positively impacted that they enjoy making regular + increased donations over time.

With the art of the written word as my deepest passion, I work with my clients to build strategic marketing systems and create sparkling donor-centered communications that help fortify nonprofits with happy, generous donors just like this.

So, ask yourself:

Are you doing what it takes these days to attract and retain donors who'll be with you for life?

Especially now with high donor drop-out, this means much more than just great fundraising appeals and well-planned major gift asks. It means providing more high-impact, helpful, beneficial content and regularly communicating about how those you serve are being positively impacted with support from your donors.

Step inside my site to learn more about donor attraction + retention and how you can work with me on writing projectscreating your donor communications calendar and consulting partnerships.

Together, let's create communications for your organization that more powerfully taps into the hearts and minds of your donors so that you become their favorite cause to support.

“Partnering with Jen, the results we’ve achieved have been very valuable. She helped me personally cultivate, solicit and receive many major gifts ranging from $7,500 to $1,000. A hard-to-get major gift prospect of mine made a $1,000+ commitment in response to an email that Jen helped me create. And there’s more. But, you get the idea!” Ziad Kassab, President, D-MAN Foundation: Dedicated to helping disabled people with music therapy


Writing donor-centered communications that make strong emotional connections with your donors can be a big challenge.

Click here to learn about writing help you can get from me for your web content, electronic + printed newsletters, fundraising appeals, thank you letters, gratitude communications, sponsorship proposals, standalone emails, and much more.


If you need help developing some new communications and fundraising strategies to support your goals, a consulting partnership with me may be a good fit.

Click here to learn more about consulting services I offer and read case studies of some clients I've recently helped. Whether you need small enhancements or a major reworking of current strategies, we can create a customized partnership to bring you the results you're looking for.